E-commerce Podcast: Unleash Your Inner Disruptor

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It’s time to close the best-in-class experience gap.

What can the history of commerce teach us about resiliency in the era of disruption? After all, this is not the first time in history an Amazon type brand has created a huge gap between customer expectations and the reality of what other brands can offer.

Innovation disrupting those who previously owned market share is a repeating trend. We just haven’t paid enough attention to what we can learn from it.

In our e-commerce podcast, we discuss what these trends can teach us about resiliency as this rate of disruption increases and:

  • How brands can unleash a disruptive e-commerce strategy most effectively and close the gap between their perception of customers’ needs and what customers actually want
  • What is truly failing brands when it comes to delivering the kind of experience they need
  • How the right technology can help you integrate the three top-rated qualities of the Amazon offering into your business model