Welcoming the Next-Generation of Customer Experience

The digital consumer of the modern age expects to have everything; always and refuses to settle for anything less. Adrian Whitehouse, Alliances Director EMEA and APAC at Elastic Path, and Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer EVP of EMEA at Bloomreach, talk to us about elevating the customer experience to retain customer interest and interaction.

Customer experience is the pulse of every business, with consumers today expecting relevant, convenient and responsive engagement across every interaction they have with a brand.

From mobile devices and apps to IoT, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), consumers are exposed to a vast array of technologies, which has caused this dramatic shift in customer expectations. We’re now seeing a new kind of modern buyer – someone who is constantly connected, app-native and well-aware of the potential and opportunities presented to them by technology.

Brands who acknowledge this and seek to use these technologies to innovate and provide seamless omni-channel experiences to its customers will be one step closer to success as a result of increased ROI and customer loyalty, compared to those who don’t.