U.S. Marketers Respond to Google’s $57 Million GDPR Fine

Last week, Google became the first major use case for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), racking up a $56.8 million fine for not prominently displaying required information and obtaining adequate consent for ad targeting.

The fine is substantial but won’t make a dent to the multi-billion dollar company. CNIL, France’s regulatory authority, justified the size of the fine saying that Google’s violations were ongoing and severe, and implied that it wanted to send a clear message to marketers. Google said it is appealing the ruling.

Trust between companies and their customers is on the line, said Darin Archer, CMO of e-commerce platform Elastic Path.

“GDPR is very important from a marketing perspective, as it forces marketers to be more rigorous in their protection of customer and prospect information, in order to maintain trust in the company and the brand,” Archer said.