Target Hits the E-Commerce Bull's-Eye

Target has focused on leveraging the store in three clever ways, noted Darin Archer, CMO of Elastic Path.

Its first leverage is improving the fulfillment process from a customer point of view with quick grab and go, drive up, and ship from store options. The second leverage point is recognizing the trend that today's shoppers believe they lack any time to shop.

"Target has blended digital and physical experiences and great inventory visibility from nearby stores with fun tools in apps like Cartwheel, and AR experiences to help consumers find things on shelves on quickly," Archer told the E-Commerce Times.

The third leveraging win is adapting to the urban shift with new store formats outside the suburbs. Target also leveraged a new loyalty program.

Its new loyalty program gives the store chain the data needed to "personalize and customize offers for its customers, which is another way -- over and above omnichannel -- that traditional retailers like Target can compete against Amazon," Archer said.