The Rise of the Perfect Pop-Up Store

“From wine bars and coffee shops, to fashion and arts and crafts, retailers of all sizes are using pop-up stores as a way to increase sales, experiment with new ideas and to truly innovate.

Pop-up shops were created by the financial crash in 2008 as an alternative to long retail leaseholds, and since their inception they have gone mainstream. The UK’s pop-up industry is currently worth over £2.3 billion a year and with almost 30% of British businesses beginning their entrepreneurial journey as a pop-up, it’s safe to say that the phenomenon isn’t going away any time soon.

There are a number of reasons why pop-ups are thriving in today’s cities. For one, brands are drawn to them as it provides them with an opportunity to explore new geographic markets without commiting to a brick-and-mortar location.” - Ana Milevskaja, Senior Director, Product Marketing and Demand Generation