The Increasing Meaninglessness of AI

Darin Archer, chief marketing officer at digital commerce provider Elastic Path, suggested that the ever-increasing speed of the hype cycle means burnout is beginning, with the joke going around Silicon Valley right now being that you get kicked out of a pitch if you bring up AI.

“This is because AI, at the level of market perception, is unachievable by the vast majority of organisations,” he suggested. “The challenge is that you not only need data scientists that are being hoovered up by the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft, but you also need huge, richly codified training data – and most companies are struggling just to connect their own customer data.”

Archer continued that in reality, most of the buzz from software companies such as IBM and Salesforce amounts to nothing more than the mere evolution in natural language processing – meaning most can create chatbots and recognize written content from interactions.