Foldable Screens: No Big Deal for Marketers or Potential Game Changer?

Sal Visca, CTO of e-commerce platform Elastic Path, pointed out that “the fact of unfolding [a screen] is an extremely strong indication of the user’s level of interest and engagement with the content,” meaning that unfolding or folding could become key events for interactivity and analysis, possibly on the level of a click. Unfolding certainly means the users want to read more content or in a larger format, but Visca notes that it could also mean the user is ready to fill out forms, make a purchase or otherwise engage with the content.

He also predicted that content flow charts will need to be redefined, so they can accommodate the progression of additional or higher resolution content when a screen is unfolded, or its shape otherwise changed. And unfolding the screen may represent some real-world analogous action, like opening a wallet.