Acquia Partners with Headless Commerce Solution Elastic Path

Organizations looking to future-proof their commerce strategy are being encouraged to “lose their head”. By this I mean to make the leap into a headless, API-first approach where the shopping experience on the front-end is decoupled from the commerce business layer of the back-end. In separating the two, brands are free to get creative with the customer experience strategy without having to replicate the commerce logic for each touchpoint every time they want to shake things up.

In the press release, Elastic Path CEO Harry Chemko made a comment on this notion that “brands face an uphill battle if they continue to use legacy technologies to deliver modern customer experiences online” which sparked my curiosity. We hear so much about the need for headless, agile systems especially in commerce but what are the tangible examples of the ways in which legacy technology can inhibit a brand from executing on a modern commerce strategy?