April 3rd, 2017 | 1 MIN READ

What Does the Consumer Internet of Things Mean for Marketers?

Written by alana

The consumer Internet of Things (cIoT) is here. But what exactly is it? It’s hard to believe, but a world in which purchasing will become seamless from thousands of new touchpoints is just around the corner. We’re seeing the thin end of the wedge with FitBit, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Google Home. In addition to the general trend toward digital commerce in customer behavior, the cIoT will redefine the future of commerce. New technologies are changing the way customers are buying, as well as what they’re expecting from brands. Consumers expect a seamless and consistent buying experience. To develop a coherent, commerce-enabled cIoT strategy, marketers should gain a basic understanding of some of the technologies driving this transformation. Here’s a primer.

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