November 26th, 2014 | 1 MIN READ Beacons Go Upscale

Written by megan

Matt Dion, the VP of Marketing for Elastic Path said, “You can create an experience that is highly personalized, and the customer appreciates it, but it’s very easy to go a little too far and be creepy and invasive. So I think the responsibility is on the brand to use the data in a responsible way.” Elastic Path is a company that offers the kind of software to obtain such data. The technology Elastic Path provides works with store loyalty apps as well as beacons that can be found inside the physical store. Beacons are utilized to reach the customers phone to grab data which is then sent of to the sales rep within the very same store. Dion notes that “trust is the new currency,”saying that it’s important to not use the data provided to make the customer’s experience uncomfortable in any way. “The onus is not on technology, it’s the people using the technology,” Dion said.

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