August 19th, 2014 | 1 MIN READ

Motivating Millenials is Worth the Investment

Written by megan

Millennials have a need for transparency. Millennials have never been without computers and don’t remember a time before the Internet. They have always had easy access to massive amounts of data, and they believe the world is a better place for it. To the millennial generation, hiding or controlling information in the workplace is counter intuitive, the onus is on employers to create and maintain programs, policies and structures that have integrity and transparency. It can be a lot more work and investment of time, but it’s worth it.

Even though they’ve only been out of school less than five years, millennials often want the top job, and top pay, and they don’t really think they should have to wait for it. After all, they are smarter, more technically savvy and better informed than their gen-x or baby boomer predecessors. When I ask them where this entitlement mentality is born, they suggest that it probably extends from the fact that – especially for Canadian millennials – they have never had to endure difficult times. Strong performance management practices, clear job descriptions and a customized career development plan will help manage expectations.

Millennials need strong, confident managers with strong leadership competencies. Organizations must recruit and select the right leaders and provide them with effective continuing development and support.

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