July 7th, 2020 | 2 MIN READ

Jumpstart your eCommerce Storefront - Customers Transacting in 2 Weeks

Written by author_profile_images Shannon Griffiths

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The world is more connected than ever and B2B brands and manufacturers are accelerating their digital strategies.  As projects are scoped and identified, the goal is typically to get the B2B eCommerce site up and running as quickly as possible, without impacting other business priorities.  For this project, both budget and resources need to be allocated and it must be prioritized on the IT development schedule. With Elastic Path and Object Edge there is a way to minimize the impact on IT resources and budgets, as well as, greatly expedite the time to market.

Together with Object Edge, we are pleased to help B2B organizations expedite their eCommerce strategy.  Introducing Jumpstart – an eCommerce Accelerator.  Not only can brands deliver on current customer expectations but also deliver on the ever-evolving changes in demands.  Built upon Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, Jumpstart enables B2B brands to rapidly launch a new eCommerce channel, or quickly add new touchpoints to the existing eCommerce solution – in only 2 weeks.

With Jumpstart and Elastic Path, not only can B2B brands deliver on those customer expectations today, they are poised to deliver on them for the future.  With Jumpstart, organizations build upon the foundation delivered in 2 weeks, and within 10 weeks, organizations can have a fully scoped and robust eCommerce site.   Check out our Infographic below, which highlights that journey.

The Jumpstart eCommerce Accelerator integrates with Elastic Path software and ERP to get an eCommerce business up and running, with all of the B2B features needed, in record time.

Does this sound like a solution for your eCommerce challenges?

Watch the demo video below – to see how quickly and easily your eCommerce solution can be implemented:

For a more in-depth overview – please watch our webinar, highlighting how Jumpstart and Elastic Path expedite bringing your eCommerce channel to life.

In 10 weeks, you will have a robust solution, but within 2 weeks, your customers will be transacting on your site.  Take a look at our infographic that shows you the evolution:

Jumpstart Infographic

Want to learn more, book an appointment.

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