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Headless Commerce describes the decoupling of the customer facing front end of your eCommerce experience, from the commerce functions and business logic in the backend system that powers your business. Headless Commerce could be a powerful tool that offers your business key advantages to achieve targets and reach new customers. Check out curated Educational Package of Headless Commerce Resources below to learn more and get started with Headless.





Headless Solutions

It is only with a truly headless commerce solution that teams will be able to unlock both design freedom and business process freedom.


Accelerated Innovation

Headless helps you achieve accelerated innovation to experiment with new ideas and touch points to keep up with customer expectations without disrupting the IT teams that handle the back end.


Unified Commerce Experience

Headless allows a business to power all customer touchpoints in a single platform. Headless eCommerce also enables users to create a unified commerce experience that allows customers to begin a purchase journey at one point and seamlessly finish it on another.