Today, at the NRF show in New York, Adobe announced a new set of services to enable experience-driven commerce. Elastic Path and Adobe, together, have been creating exciting new opportunities for retailers seeking to up their game.

Elastic Path has always been focused on experience-driven commerce. The products we engineer allow companies to embed commerce in any conceivable current or future customer experience. As far back as 2012, we pioneered an enterprise-grade commerce solution that integrates directly with Adobe. We focused on two critical capabilities for retailers: business agility and customer intimacy.

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Business agility: pivot quickly to win the day

Being able to pivot rapidly in highly competitive markets like retail is crucial to survival. Imagine it is noon on the day you are launching a hot new product and your offer includes the new product plus an accessory. At 12:01 p.m. you notice a competitor is making the same offer. Would you be able to respond by 12:15 p.m.? And could you offer that response across all touchpoints—including in-store?

If it takes days to change systems to create a new offer or make a simple price change, a competitor with more agile systems will undoubtedly scoop your deal. Adobe’s content and marketing products integrated with Elastic Path Commerce provide retailers with a solution that can move quickly to respond to shifting market conditions and seize on opportunity.

Customer intimacy: draw customers closer no matter where they are

Experience-driven commerce is about customer experience, relationships and personalization. Retailers that benefit most from Elastic Path and Adobe are organizations looking to redefine customer engagement. They no longer view customer interactions as transactions.

They aren’t looking just for “add to cart” functionality, price lists, tax calculation, catalogues and payment processing. They are looking to improve the overall customer experience — adopting technologies like machine learning, augmented reality and the Internet of Things which will change the way people live, not just how they shop.

They are trying to conceive new ways of doing business that anticipate individual needs and remove bottlenecks to make their lives easier. They aspire to monetize customer experiences that move effortless across any number of different touchpoints to create value at the perfect time in that customer’s life.

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Elastic Path allows retailers to create consistent experiences across any customer touchpoint. Experience designers only need to know how to work with Adobe and Elastic Path to build any experience and embed commerce. Any changes are automatically conveyed to all touchpoints. Any strategies like personalized offers and dynamic pricing are easily set in place.

Experience-driven commerce moves at the speed of shoppers through any touchpoint, blending digital with bricks and mortar commerce.

Avant garde retail: deluxe digital meets fabulous bricks and mortar

One Luxury Destination is a great example of experience-driven retail commerce leveraging Adobe and Elastic Path. To attract fashionistas from around the world to the famed Via Montenapoleone in Mila, top design houses including Giorgio Armani, Larusmiani, Prada and Gucci teamed up with luxury hotels to create a shopping experience that extends beyond the Via.

Prior to their trip, shoppers can tour Via Montenapoleone on When they arrive at fashion central, they enjoy personal shoppers, private dressing rooms, and a 24-hour personalized online concierge to book tickets, restaurants and more.

Guests communicate with their personal shoppers and concierge, through the mobile app M Luxury and have the option to create exclusive, shopping events in the sumptuous VIP Lounge. On the Via, VIPs use M Luxury to access augmented in-store and outdoor experiences as they browse the district.

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The app serves personalized content, offers and notifications of nearby events as shoppers explore the district and they can buy at any point during their stay—as well as long after their visit.

The combination of physical and digital elements establishes connections with customers before, during and after their visit, creating a personalized shopping experience that redefines the meaning of luxury.

Not all retail experiences will be as deluxe as One Luxury, but they can all benefit from the same strategies and underlying technologies. Experience-driven commerce begins with seamlessly integrated commerce and content tools. Elastic Path works with Adobe to help organizations engage with customers during any stage of their shopping journey – with no silos, no conflicts, and no limits.

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Become an experience-driven organization, pivot quickly and ensure every customer moment is shoppable. Learn about Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe.

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