NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show

Unified Commerce across infinite touchpoints.
Booth 1453 | Jan 12 - 14 | New York

Do you know what customers really want?

Right now, many would answer that question by saying ‘convenience’. But what does that truly mean and how well are brands actually delivering on that?

Earlier this year, we surveyed 1,015 consumers and 300 B2C marketing professionals and found brands are still missing the mark. In fact, the majority of these consumers (57%) said they don’t think brands are doing enough to solve their most pervasive pain points.

Consumers are still left wanting a unified commerce experience that allows them to purchase through one continuous experience across any touchpoint. Headless Commerce is the single source of truth that underpins it all.

Meet with Elastic Path at NRF 2020 this January to:

  • Find out exactly what customers want both online and in the retail store of the future
  • Learn how you can leverage new and emerging technologies to deliver memorable commerce experiences
  • Understand how unified commerce can future proof your brand to delight customers for years to come