June 2020 Partner Newsletter

Elastic Path Commerce


What's New in Product




Account Management 

Version 2.4.3 

The external-id field on an account is now guaranteed to be a unique value for all accounts. It is also now possible to lookup an account using the external-id value, using the new lookup form.

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Bloomreach Feed Plugin

Version 1.2.1

The feed now uses SFTP rather than FTP to communicate with Bloomreach. This requires some changes to the configuration properties to accept a private key rather than a password for authentication. Customers will need to generate a public/private key pair and contact Bloomreach support to have SFTP support enabled.

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Elastic Path Commerce Education 


July 9 - 10
Architect & Design
Just getting your implementation started? Our Solutions Architect training is a great way to ensure you have the foundational knowledge for making architectural design decisions. This series of self-serve courses culminates in a live, discussion-based session where various architectural areas are discussed and best practices put forward. Don’t design yourself into a box. Sign up today and start your knowledge development.
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July 21 - 23
Development & Customizations
Have some unique requirements in your project? Our Developer Core and Cortex learning programs help developers understand the platform and get them ready for implementation. A number of self serve courses review various technologies and functions needed for this role. The program wraps up with a live session specifically designed to get you comfortable with making code customizations. A use case is presented and you will work your way through all these areas needed to bring this to life - all the way from database changes, to Commerce Manager, to the API. If your project is about to start, get prepared by taking this program, and get certified.
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Available On-Demand
Automated Testing
Did you know there is a suite of automated tests your project can leverage? Automated testing is a great way of ensuring your team is providing high-quality deliverables on your project. But, what about customizations? This program walks you through the suite of automated tests, the tools you need, and how to extend this suite to fit your project. This is a self-serve program, providing you with knowledge, exercises and an environment so you feel confident in your role. Why not get prepared and get certified.
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Marketplace Updates



Are customers asking you to provide PunchOut catalogs and transact purchase orders electronically? PunchOut2Go is excited to partner with Elastic Path to provide seamless PunchOut catalog capabilities and sales order automation between Elastic Path and any procurement platform such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle and others. To learn more, visit PunchOut2Go for Elastic Path.

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What's Next in Product


Bloomreach Feed Plugin
Version 1.2.2
The feed now uses SFTP rather than FTP to communicate with Bloomreach. This requires some changes to the configuration properties to accept a private key rather than a password for authentication. Customers will need to generate a public/private key pair and contact Bloomreach support to have SFTP support enabled.
Elastic Path Commerce
Version 8.0.1
Tools to enable customers to transition from Elastic Path Commerce 7.x to 8.x to enjoy the benefits of the Payments Framework.

Improvements to cart functionality allowing cart modifiers (cart-level fields) to be specified on default carts in addition to custom carts.
PunchOut Lambdas
Version 1.0
Punchout-enable our customer's catalog, enabling access from eProcurement systems of buyer ("punching out" to merchant's catalog rather than browsing a static one). Support B2C type shopping for B2B buyers.

Maintenence Releases 


Filter out non-included linked categories from Cortex navigations
7.5.x - backport ticket SUP-228
7.4.x – backport ticket SUP-458
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Expired shopping cart promotions are compiled unnecessarily
8.0.x – backport ticket SUP-480
7.6.x – backport ticket SUP-271
7.5.x – backport ticket SUP-482
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Fixes issue when checkout actions throw an exception during rollback, remaining checkout action rollback methods were skipped.
8.0.x – backport ticker SUP-456
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Resolves issues with featured offers returned by Cortex in arbitrary order.
8.0.x – backport ticket – SUP-498
7.6.x – backport ticket – SUP-497
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Save the Date: Upcoming Virtual Events


Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce
On-Demand Webinar
Leadership & Alignment with Johnstone Supply
The need for leadership as an essential catalyst to drive change in an organization, without proper leadership B2B eCommerce does not happen effectively.

Join this session featuring Brian Klaus, Director of eCommerce at Johnstone Supply to learn how to set your organization up for success and ensure you have the correct players in place to break the chains of traditional business practices, demolish silos and inaction, create alignment, and begin a digital transformation.
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Comosable Commerce
Press Release
“Composable Commerce” Establishes New Paradigm for Modern eCommerce Innovation
Hyper-connected customers, complex business models, and the rapid pace of emerging technologies have necessitated new architectural approaches that build upon MACH and JAMstack components...
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Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce
On-Demand Webinar
Building an eCommerce Foundation with Keysight Technologies
Your ecommerce platform and related systems are the foundation in your online selling playbook. Selecting the right platform determines what you can do and how quickly you can bring digital transformation to market.

This session will walk you through what to look out for when selecting a platform, pitfalls and lessons learned from Carl Daw, Program Manager at Keysight Technologies.

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COVID-19’s out-of-stock impact and how PWAs can support “endless aisle 3.0”
In the “new normal” of disrupted supply chains and local stores doubling as online fulfillment centers, accurate real-time data is even more critical, as is the ability to reserve stock. Shoppers have disappointing out-of-stock experiences once every three shopping trips, on average.
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Headless commerce + headless CMS: the perfect combination?
Online merchants have embraced experience-driven commerce for over a decade, using headless commerce and APIs to allow content management systems (CMS) and digital experience platforms (DXP) to power the front end, rather than be restricted to the features and functionality offered out-of-the-box with commercial commerce platforms.
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Better BOPAC: 6 ways to improve curbside pickup in the “new normal”
Pre-COVID, 40% of shoppers said buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS or click-and-collect) was their most valued retail shopping experience, with BOPIS behavior growing 30% from 2018.
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