July 2020 Newsletter

Elastic Path Commerce

What's New in Product



Bloomreach Feed Plugin

Version 1.2.2

Security improvements for the Bloomreach Feed Plugin in order to support the transition from FTP to SFTP. This requires some changes to the configuration properties to accept a private key rather than a password for authentication. Customers will need to generate a public/private key pair and contact Bloomreach support to have SFTP support enabled.

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Elastic Path Commerce

Version 8.0.1

Elastic Path Commerce 8.0.1 now contains Liquibase changesets that automatically transform your payment data into the new table structure. This allows you to maintain payment history and for existing purchases to continue the standard workflow, such as payment capture when physical items ship, modification of in-progress orders, and issuing refunds, without errors.

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What's Next in Product


PunchOut Integration
Version 1.0
PunchOut integration enables businesses to easily integrate with customers’ e-procurement systems to drive revenue growth.
Account Management
Version 2.4.4
Improvements to authorization capabilities allowing users to set custom authorization token expiry time.

Maintenence Releases 


Improved performance for Cortex order submission
Released on 7.4.x
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Upgraded Drools/KIE
Released on 7.2.x
Released on 7.1.x
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Improved cache efficiency and synchronization algorithm for Groovy condition evaluations cache
Released on 7.2.x
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Fix for imported “Store Visible” value that works the opposite of what is expected.
Released on 7.5.x
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Fix for disappearing error dialog when CSV import fails
Released on 7.5.x
Released on 7.6.x
Released on 8.0.x (part of 8.0.1 release)
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Fix bug in DomainEventListener and improves control of Camel during integration tests
Released on 7.5.x
Released on 7.6.x
Released on 8.0.x (part of 8.0.1 release)
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Marketplace Updates


Object Edge | Jumpstart eCommerce Accelerator


Jumpstart Elastic Path B2B Accelerator is a quick-to-implement eCommerce solution that gets your B2B business running online in record time. A starter storefront to launch your eCommerce channel, Jumpstart provides the enterprise B2B features you need and ongoing support to drive your eCommerce. Launch in as quickly as two weeks with this headless commerce accelerator.

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Partner Spotlight

Object Edge

Object Edge is an award-winning agency offering expert digital transformation, experience design, and commerce implementation. For over 20 years, Object Edge has been solving the most complex digital problems with innovative business solutions. Capabilities include user experience and research, creative design, design engineering, architecture, data management, enterprise enablement, operations optimization, and platform delivery for B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and B2A.


Learn more about the partnership this on-demand webinar, Manufactures Jumpstart your eCommerce Business. 

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Elastic Path Commerce Education


August 11 - 12
Commerce Manager – Advanced Configurations
Ready to start building your store? This learning program is designed to prepare Admins and business users with an understanding of the commerce functions when using Elastic Path Commerce Manager. Using simulations, learners can experience the system at their own pace, then join a live session to spend time understanding the pros and cons of configurations with practical exercises designed to ensure familiarity with functionality.
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August 18 - 20
Developer Training
Need to start customizing? Our Developer Core and Cortex learning program helps developers understand the platform and get them ready for implementation. A number of self-serve courses review various technologies and functions needed for this role. The program wraps up with a live session specifically designed to get developers comfortable with making code customizations. Through a use case, learners work their way through all areas needed to bring this to life - from database changes, to Commerce Manager, to the API. Get started and get certified as an Elastic Path Development Professional.
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August 4
CloudOps for Kubernetes
Get hands-on experience in the Elastic Path CloudOps for Kubernetes class. In this half-day class, learners ramp up their knowledge needed to initialize a build environment in a Kubernetes cluster and configure and deploy one or more Elastic Path Commerce environments with Jenkins jobs and pipelines. Pull up your bootstraps and sign up for the next session.
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EPTalk | Solving the eProcurement Problem with PunchOut2Go

Join Jessica Wetzel and Nigel Taylor from PunchOut2Go and Geoff Denning from Elastic Path on Thursday, August 20th where they will discuss the partnership and how the integration can be used to help solve unique business requirements.

Key Talking Points include: 
• What is eProcurement and its unique business needs
• How eProcurement different than an EDI
• Why Elastic Path chose to partner with PunchOut2Go
• Technical dive into the integration

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Latest News & Events


Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce
On-Demand Webinar
Organizational Evolution with Pella
Featuring Rebecca Hicks, Senior Manager of Digital Experience, Pella and Jamus Driscoll, Vice President, Elastic Path, this session will cover the following key points and more:

- Breaking down silos and the role of leadership
- Cross-functional impacts and collaboration structures
- Hiring for eCommerce
- Key concepts and tactics the audience can apply to their business today
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August 10th
Microservices, Made Easy
We may not see you on the tradeshow floor in 2020, but in the meantime, we are excited to share the launch of our on-demand demo series: Microservices, Made Easy. The series will showcase what we would have featured in our booth at Shoptalk and features partners Bounteous, Myplanet and Zilker Technology. Learn more now!
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Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce
On-Demand Webinar
Aligning Sales Channels and Managing Channel Conflict with Georgia Pacific
Featuring Shalin Shah, former Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing Strategy, Georgia Pacific and Jamus Driscoll, Executive Vice President, Elastic Path, this session will cover the following key points and more:

- Changing channels – the ‘ultimate buyer’ is now in charge
- Defining channel conflict – what is the source and impacts?
- Planning for and managing conflict – approaches to addressing
- Understanding the value chain for your products
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What is MACH Architecture?
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How Herschel uses AR on product pages with headless commerce (and so can you)
Augmented and virtual reality is gaining traction with brands and retailers looking to enhance buying experiences. And it’s getting easier to adopt and inject into product pages thanks to headless commerce APIs and progressive web applications (PWAs).
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