July 2020 Newsletter

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

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What's New in Product



Improved UX for Refunds in Commerce Manager

We have enhanced the refund functionality so that associates can save time by conducting full and partial refunds directly in the Commerce Manager dashboard instead of logging into their payment gateway portal. 

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Reference Store

New and improved *Reference Storefront for Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. The new storefront includes additional functionality so that customers can leverage a more complete set of assets to help guide their development process. Three key additions are:

  1. The implementation of our Algolia partnership to offer search, filtering, faceting, sorting functionality
  2. Upgrades to make the storefront a full PWA (Progressive Web Application) store
  3. Enhancements to accessibility as a best practice for the application
*The Gatsby Storefront will continue to be available to existing customers.


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What's Next in Product


Multiple Carts | In order to support diverse B2B and B2C use cases, we will be adding the ability for users to create and manage multiple shopping carts. 

Support for OpenID Connect | Improved user experience through the ability to sign into the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud with an OpenID Connect compatible identity provider. 

Looking for real-time updates? Visit the changelog where we list out backwards-compatible updates and fixes in the API and dashboard.

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Latest News & Events


Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce
On-Demand Webinar
Organizational Evolution with Pella
Featuring Rebecca Hicks, Senior Manager of Digital Experience, Pella and Jamus Driscoll, Vice President, Elastic Path, this session will cover the following key points and more: - Breaking down silos and the role of leadership - Cross-functional impacts and collaboration structures - Hiring for eCommerce - Key concepts and tactics the audience can apply to their business today
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August 10th
Microservices, Made Easy
We may not see you on the tradeshow floor in 2020, but in the meantime, we are excited to share the launch of our on-demand demo series: Microservices, Made Easy. The series will showcase what we would have featured in our booth at Shoptalk and features partners Bounteous, Myplanet and Zilker Technology. Learn more now!
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Billion Dollar B2B eCommerce
On-Demand Webinar
Aligning Sales Channels and Managing Channel Conflict with Georgia Pacific
Featuring Shalin Shah, former Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing Strategy, Georgia Pacific and Jamus Driscoll, Executive Vice President, Elastic Path, this session will cover the following key points and more: - Changing channels – the ‘ultimate buyer’ is now in charge - Defining channel conflict – what is the source and impacts? - Planning for and managing conflict – approaches to addressing - Understanding the value chain for your products
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What is MACH Architecture?

If you have heard about MACH architecture, maybe you are curious about what it is and why you should care about it. This blog post provides an answer to all those questions as well as discusses the benefits of this approach.

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React PWA Reference Storefront

Over the past few years at Elastic Path we've observed that "Reference Experiences" are crucial to the success of partners, customers, and all developers who wished to build upon their own front-end initiatives using our capabilities.

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