The New Retail Experience

Perhaps no other industry is being transformed by the hands of technology as much as retail. A profound change has occurred over the past few years that’s causing a significant shift in retail shopper expectations. The advent of social media, the smartphone with its endless supply of apps, and fast, abundant Internet connectivity have formed a perfect storm of technology that has shifted consumer focus away from traditional online catalog stores and given consumers a thirst for something much more engaging. Now, consumers expect their online shopping to be a full-on “experience”, an immersive, content-rich affair that happens seamlessly across touchpoints – whether it’s in-store, online through an iPhone, tablet, or at home on a regular desktop PC – at a time of the consumers’ choosing. The digital experience is now at the epicenter of what we call “new retail.” This white paper will help retailers and branded manufacturers adapt their businesses to monetize digital experiences and prepare for the future of retail.