Merchandising In A Multi-Channel World

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Ebook: Extreme Personalization. Merchandising In A Multi-Channel World

WHITE PAPERS | April 14, 2016

Siloed investments in technology are nothing new. But for digital customer experiences, independent investments lead to overlapping functionality and disjointed customer experiences. This is particularly true when it comes to multi-channel retailers. A truly omnichannel environment drives sales through new channels, improves topline revenues through better pricing and promotions, and increases customer loyalty. Strategies and tactics you never thought possible as a marketer are now at your fingertips.

In this revealing ebook, we take a look at the promise of deep personalization and digital marketing across channels. This book brings together real-life scenarios, including those from our customers, to illustrate the new merchandising techniques available through an omnichannel commerce platform, in a multi-channel world.