The Digital Experience Playbook

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Why we wrote this:
Commerce and content systems are entering a transitional phase. Companies face dire implications of delivering siloed digital experiences.

In this lively and informative webinar, Forrester Research Inc. Principal Analyst Peter Sheldon reveals how organizations can best deal with the convergence of commerce and content. Sheldon posits that businesses have 3 choices in how they integrate these two crucial systems:

  1. A side-by-side approach, with shared responsibility for delivery of the experience;
  2. A WCM-led approach, with the eCommerce platform acting as a service layer; and
  3. An eCommerce-led approach, with the WCM system playing a simplified role as a content repository.

After viewing this webinar, you will learn:

  • The metrics that define a best-in-class digital experience
  • The dire implications of delivering siloed digital experiences
  • Why ecommerce and content management are on a path of convergence
  • Your options for integrating ecommerce and content management

Watch the webinar