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The Hyper-Connected Consumer Makes All Businesses Digital Businesses

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Abundant Internet connectivity and smart computing devices have created a new super consumer that's always connected. Brands must focus on creating compelling digital experiences to win them over.

Traditional ecommerce has been about shopping online from a computer. Users sat in front of their computers and shopped online via a catalog website. But that's all changed. Today, there's no difference between online and offline. We're seconds away from Internet connectivity everywhere all the time from tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, contextual devices, and computers. At any given point, you have the ability to be connected.

The brand experience that consumers engage with -- regardless of their digital activity -- is always available all of the time. Now, companies are trying to figure out how to live in that brave new world, how do they put themselves in front of customers on a 24/7 basis in a way that's going to tell their story and delight their customers.

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