Is Elastic Path Right For You? 

In our eCommerce Buyers Guide, we have outlined the key criteria that your business should consider when choosing an eCommerce solution, and we highlight several eCommerce vendors you should consider. Unlike the Buyers Guide which focuses on the overall eCommerce platform market, this guided checklist will strictly help with deciding if Elastic Path will be the right fit for you.

Before you jump into the guided checklist below, it’s important to understand that the #1 factor for why customers choose Elastic Path is because of our superior developer experience, which enables a level of technical agility that is uncommon in the eCommerce platforms market, even amongst other headless microservices offerings like commercetools.

No vendor is the best at everything they do, and we certainly don’t claim to be great at everything, but technical agility is the thing we do better than any other commerce solution in the market –hands down. So if you need the ultimate level of technical agility, so your team can rapidly launch and iterate on unique digital commerce experiences with complex business requirements, then you’re likely going to be very happy with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.

Now, on the checklist... for each consideration below, we suggest checking off each requirement that applies to your business. If you tick at least 3 of 4 boxes in each category below, then Elastic Path is likely a great fit for your needs.

  1. Your organization’s digital maturity
    Elastic Path Commerce Cloud is a fairly advanced product for teams that have a medium to expert level digital maturity. This will be right for you if you:

  2. Architecture: Platform-based vs services-based
    Elastic Path is NOT a platform but rather an API-first Headless Commerce Service. This will be the right for you if you:

  3. Architecture: Headless vs non-headless (i.e.traditional)
    Elastic Path is a Headless solution. This will be the right for you if you:

  4. Customizability: Out-of-the-box vs custom business functionality
    Elastic path is built to address your custom business functionality needs. This will be right for you if you:

  5. Customizability: Plugins vs bolt-on APIs vs API-First Approach
    Elastic Path uses a quick and simple API-First approach. This will be right for you if you:

  6. Hosting: Self-Hosted vs SaaS
    Elastic Path is a Software-as-a-Service offering. This will be right for you if you:

  7. Commercial Model: Vendor-supported vs open source
    Elastic Path is a vendor supported model. This will be right for you if you:


Next Steps

We hope you found this helpful. Please feel free to book a meeting with one of our experts if you’re interested in learning more about:

  • Our pricing options
  • Specific details on how we compare against other vendors you may be evaluating, such as commercetools
  • How to start a trial or POC

We’d be happy to jump on a call and answer all your questions.