Luxury eCommerce: Larusmiani Case Study

Transforming intimacy and customer-centricity of in-store to personalized customer experience online

How do you digitally transform a luxury experience that has existed for nearly 100 years?

Long before the term ‘customer-centric’ hit mainstream retail, brands were able to set themselves apart by curating personal experiences for their customers others could hardly even begin to match. One such brand is Larusmiani, the Italian luxury clothing brand that has been a permanent fixture on the Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, perhaps the most exclusive of shopping streets in the entire world since 1922.

The highly personalized customer experience Larusmiani is known for could be seen as the definition of luxury shopping but when it came time to bring that online into a luxury eCommerce experience, it proved difficult for them to capture in the same way. A potent example of what many iconic retail brands struggle with when it comes to their own digital transformation.

In this case study you’ll see how, in leveraging the flexibility of Elastic Path Commerce and our Cortex API, Larusmiani was able to leverage emerging touchpoints to engage their customers in one seamless, intimate, personalized luxury eCommerce experience.