10 Things Every Marketer in Canada Needs to Know About the New Realities of Digital Marketing

Canada’s new anti-spam e-mail legislation is almost here, and it’s a game changer for every digital marketing manager. The law imposes tough restrictions on what e-marketers can and can’t do with their e-mail campaigns. But for many digital marketers, the law actually comes at an opportune time.

E-mail, once a stalwart for lead generation programs, is slowing taking less of a prominent role in generating new business and driving traffic to websites. Today’s mobile-crazed consumer is more engaged with the overall digital experience of a brand, and digital channels are merging with physical ones. Where once an e-mail campaign could drive a surge of traffic to your online ecommerce store, now push notifications, mobile apps, content-focused ecommerce stores, and digital lookbooks are the new digital marketing heavyweights. In this new age of digital awaking, consumers expect their online shopping to be a full-on “experience,” an immersive, content-rich affair that happens as if by magic across touchpoints, whether it’s in-store, online through an iPhone, tablet, or at home on a regular desktop PC.

Here’s a list of the top 10 things every Canadian marketer needs to know about the new realities of digital marketing.

1. Don’t worry too much if your new e-mail list is smaller
2. Your subject line just got a whole lot more important
3. Mobile, mobile, mobile
4. Think more about the overall digital experience
5. Customers don’t see “channels.” They only see your brand
6. Connect with customers on an emotional level
7. The rise of story-selling
8. Digital is eating the world
9. Marketing software is evolving
10. CMOs shall inherit the earth