Embedding transactional capability within brand marketing to create digital experiences that bring a brand to life is a powerful new commerce strategy. But significant technical hurdles need to be cleared. How will your business overcome them?

By harnessing API technologies, CIOs, digital CMOs, and developers are finding success in quickly delivering the perfect mix of content and commerce to every piece of glass, without the pain points or slow time to market normally associated with complex enterprise applications.

Join Sal Visca, Chief Technology Officer, Elastic Path, as he reveals how the world's leading brands accelerate the customer journey by using Commerce Integration Platforms and hypermedia APIs to embed commerce software directly within the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

If you’re in charge of IT strategy or implementation, don’t miss this revealing session. You’ll learn:

  • How to overcome technical and organizational challenges that block the delivery of experience-driven commerce.
  • How hypermedia API technology can embed transactional capabilities directly into Adobe Marketing Cloud.
  • How to build a best-of-breed, interoperable technology platform to spur innovation
  • How to make IT a super hero among your business users.


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