Elastic Path Commerce Assessment Tool Helps Companies Jumpstart Digital Transformation

Business leaders using reports to measure digital commerce maturity level and readiness; identify investment opportunities to improve revenue and customer satisfaction

Vancouver, B.C. (June. 24, 2014) – Elastic Path Software Inc., an ecommerce company helping the world’s biggest brands generate more revenue, today released the first assessment tool to provide business leaders with a 360-degree view of their current digital commerce capabilities. Elastic Path’s proprietary Advanced Commerce Maturity Scale (ACMS) assessment helps companies get started with a digital transformation by measuring their ability to conduct omnichannel, experience-driven commerce across all touch points and identifying opportunities for investments to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction. The self-assessment tool is free to download at https://www.elasticpath.com/optimonk/digital-maturity.

Simple and Comprehensive Commerce Assessment
ACMS uses a simple but comprehensive questionnaire format to reveal businesses’ hidden aspects that constrain their ability to succeed. The report provides both descriptive and visual results, including the easy-to-read ACMS Kite Graph, to help executives fully understand, articulate and improve the commerce maturity of their organizations.

Stuck in a State of Paralysis
“Business leaders around the world know that they need to make changes to their commerce strategies and infrastructure, but they are stuck in a state of paralysis, uncertain about where to begin and where to invest,” said Matt Dion, Vice President of Marketing at Elastic Path. “This assessment is the first of its kind for any industry because it generates a custom model of a company’s strengths and weaknesses. ACMS was created to help businesses move beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to become more effective at articulating, planning, and influencing a better digital commerce strategy across the entire organization.”

16 Possible Digital Commerce Maturity Profiles
ACMS measures critical dimensions for digital commerce, including organization, strategy, customer interaction, and technology effectiveness. The assessment divides companies into one of 16 maturity profiles that detail distinct challenges, opportunities, and potential roadmaps. This tailored, descriptive approach enables executives to better evaluate how different products, solutions, and strategies will impact the quality of digital commerce at their organizations.

“There are tremendous differences among companies when it comes to their state of readiness to meet consumer expectations and the factors that drive the quality of omnichannel experiences,” said Dion. “Business leaders responsible for digital commerce must first understand these moving pieces, how to prioritize their efforts, and the tools that can help them communicate these findings to their teams. Our ACMS delivers an unbiased assessment and recommendations, providing companies with a starting point for their digital transformation and a vision for where they need to be.”

Three-Step Assessment
ACMS was developed at Elastic Path from years of experience working with customers to advance their e-commerce strategies and capabilities. An ACMS assessment is simple to prepare, and consists of three steps:

  1. Ranking your business across four different dimensions: Organization, Strategy, Interaction, and Technology;
  2. Determining which of the 16 maturity profiles matches;
  3. Generating a visual ACMS kite graph to articulate the findings.


Begin a free assessment today at https://www.elasticpath.com/digital-maturity.

About Elastic Path
Elastic Path helps the world’s biggest brands generate billions in revenue with its patented ecommerce technologies. The company’s flexible enterprise software seamlessly brings omnichannel ecommerce directly into marketing clouds and experience management platforms – enabling a complete digital customer journey that maximizes engagement and drives higher revenue. Elastic Path customers are innovators who seek ultimate flexible and business agility, such as DeVry, McGraw-Hill Education, Virgin Media, Time Inc., LVMH, Western Union, Garmin, TIBCO, Wine.com.br, TeliaSonera, Kiabi, Gina Tricot, and Motability.