The store of the future knows what you were doing last night. Say you added an item to your online shopping bag, but then didn't purchase it. When you step into the actual store, the salesperson will know what items you were looking at online, how much you spent last time you shopped there and even what size you are. This kind of targeted marketing and data mining is being offered as an option for luxury retailers as the boundaries between shopping online and in stores become more blurred. The idea is that seamless, customized service is what customers want, and makes them feel pampered and special. But some customers find it just plain creepy. "You can create an experience that is highly personalized, and the customer appreciates it, but it's very easy to go a little too far and be creepy and invasive," said Matt Dion, vice president of marketing for Elastic Path, a company that offers this type of software. "So I think the responsibility is on the brand to use the data in a responsible way."