7-Eleven, do you want to deliver unique commerce experiences, fast?

Microservices are flexible and scalable to enable you to monetize new channels, support complex business models and provide you with uniqueness at speed. 

Unlike legacy commerce systems that are heavy, rigid and costly to update and customize, microservices enable you to compose new commerce solutions in days to weeks, rather than months to years. 

Watch this quick video to learn how microservices will give 7-Eleven superior technical agility.


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The Value of Ecommerce Microservices Architecture

Microservices have been a hot topic for a long while, with many success stories demonstrating the potential benefits of the approach. In this post, we will talk about the nuances of the microservices architecture in the context of SaaS commerce.

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An API-First Headless Commerce Platform

Explore IoT-enabled business models and transact in an automated manner, often without human intervention. With an API-first headless platform from Elastic Path, you are free to experiment with IoT right now.

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Commerce for an Agile Organization

We live in the “digitally connected world” where everything is changing rapidly, and which is characterized by the following trends:

  • Rapidly evolving environment. The demand and behavior of customers, partners, and other stakeholders change quickly, requiring businesses to adapt.
  • Technological disruption. The constant introduction of new technology, which disrupts industries, brings new offerings and enables new experiences for customers. Examples include artificial intelligence and M2M/IoT.
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