Just Announced: Product Content Management

Ultra-Flexible and Easy-to-Use Catalog Functionality for Branded Manufacturers Who Have Multiple Unique Catalogs


Explore Unparalleled Control of Catalog Management 

Product Content Manager decouples products, hierarchies, catalogs, and price books so that branded manufacturers can quickly and easily generate unlimited, unique catalogs  per customer accounts, geographies, touchpoints, brands, business models and more.



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Create Unlimited Product Catalogs with Unique Assortments & Pricing 

Seamlessly create and manage catalogs across customer account types, geographies, business models, touchpoints, and brands.   

Easily Import Existing Product Data 

Ensure products get to market quickly by uploading your existing product data schema instead of having to retro-fit data to rigid platform requirements.  

Meet Customer Needs With Super-Fast Shopping Experiences

Product Content Management was designed to perform at high speeds, even for large catalog sizes of 5M+ products, so every page in your digital store loads exceptionally fast.

Design Complex Product Configurators

Power dynamic pricing, flexible discounts, and custom attributes needed to support product configuration, without an expensive, custom build.

Flexible Catalogs for Diverse Use Cases




B2B eCommerce

B2C/D2C eCommerce

Multi-Geography eCommerce


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