Infield Digital

Thoughtful, scalable solutions

Infield Digital partners with clients for the full life-cycle of their projects with services including strategy, web and software design, front- and back-end development, and managed services. When you work with Infield Digital, we become a part of your team. It all starts with a conversation. Infield Digital will sit down with you to learn about your vision for your project and your organization, then use that information as a roadmap throughout the project and beyond. Infield Digital is known for its high-touch approach, so you'll get frequent updates with an ever-watchful eye on budget and timeline. Balancing pragmatism with optimism, Infield Digital will take all notes and sketches and build a viewable, testable, and extensible product, all grounded in time- and community-tested platforms. Infield Digital engineers are always around to explain the technical details and train you on the systems you'll be using.