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Global is the first CMS to provide a visual component-driven approach to content management for any tech stack.

Companies need to create, manage, & optimize content and experiences faster, but rigid tools slow down workflows and force teams to prioritize either flexibility or speed.

Visual CMS eliminates workflow bottlenecks so that teams create, test, & ship content, faster.

Unlike Headless CMSes, that only handle text-based structured data, and Page Builders, that offer visual no-code templates that are limited and hurt performance, Visual CMS covers the entire content development spectrum, from no-code to hard-code, and anything in between, without sacrificing flexibility or speed.

Business teams love Builder’s familiar visual drag-and-drop experience, which gets their ideas built faster, without having to wait for development backlogs to clear.

Developers love Builder because it brings an efficient, component-driven workflow to content management that keeps code clean for maximized speed, integrates to any techstack, and reduces tickets coming from business teams. Visual CMS helps business & development teams accelerate their time-to-market and ship high-performing sites and apps to drive growth faster.