Axis41, A Digital Marketing Agency

Axis41 is an award-winning digital marketing agency and Elastic Path partner. Axis41 integrates the creative and technical processes to create relationship-building brand experiences. Creating marketing content that will build meaningful relationships with your customers starts with understanding exactly what they’re thinking and feeling, so you can speak to them in the most relevant way. Axis41 brand and content strategists work collaboratively to help define this voice, and then use it to shape the foundation of your online and offline presence. Building and strengthening relationships with your customers means having the right answers at the right time. In other words, targeting them with focused and relevant content. Axis41's ""Smart Content Lifecycle"" is a unique approach to strategically defining, creatively designing, and intelligently deploying your marketing content. This end-to-end process maximizes efficiency and helps you reach your customers faster and smarter. Among Axis41's areas of expertise: Persona Development Market Research Perception Audit Message & Visual Strategy Brand Strategy Message Architecture Visual Identity Nomenclature Web Strategy Content Architecture Website Architecture UI/UX Architecture Content Strategy