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Order Management for today's omnichannel
Introducing OMS by Jagged Peak®

OMS by Jagged Peak is now an Elastic Path Extended Commerce solution, making it easier to manage and fulfill orders in even the most complex retail environment.

Jagged Peak is a leading provider of software and services that enhance the scalability, flexibility and profitability of omnichannel businesses. Its robust Order Management System (OMS) can be deployed alone or coupled with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) to form a shop-to-ship, web-based software suite that integrates the entire order life cycle with visibility across business units, distribution channels and trading partners—all while enabling the client to have complete control of their online brand. Jagged Peak's blue chip client roster includes numerous global consumer brand companies.

Best-in-Class Order Management
SaaS ecommerce solutions like Jagged Peak's OMS

OMS by Jagged Peak is a SaaS order management system that aggregates and manages the lifecycle of any order type from any source. It automatically creates “perfect orders,” simultaneously assessing inventory availability, customer proximity and delivery time to provide optimal fulfillment and meet the customer promise date. This allows brands to reduce shipping costs and enhance overall customer satisfaction through improved order delivery performance.

Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere, Return Anywhere
SaaS ecommerce solutions like the Jagged Peak app

OMS by Jagged Peak monitors inventory in real time, regardless of whether it resides at a distribution center, store, manufacturer, product supplier, or drop shipper. And because OMS by Jagged Peak “sees” all available inventory, it can source orders to the optimal fulfillment point, streamlining the order execution process, optimizing inventory, and reducing shipping costs.

Managed through built-in modules, OMS by Jagged Peak gives your business users real-time administrative control over processes, providing a complete, intuitive and functionally robust solution delivered via a SaaS model.

Deliver the Omni-channel Promise

OMS by Jagged Peak enables new and personalized fulfillment models in order to meet the expectations of today’s omnichannel consumer.

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Multi-Channel Order Capture and Aggregation
Capture and management of orders from any channel, source or format, enabling true omni-channel experiences that drive more business.

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"Perfect Orders"
Apply business rules for frictionless order processing to improve order accuracy resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

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Cost Effective
Lower your shipping costs by automatically routing orders to the warehouse, store or dropship provider closest to the customer.

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Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere
Maximize customer satisfaction with true “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere” omnichannel shopping options.

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Order Sourcing
Apply business rules (proximity, inventory availability, etc.) to determine best fulfillment provider (store, DC, drop shipper etc.).

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Multi-Point Inventory Management
Real-time inventory visibility across all stocking points enables real-time ATP for optimal order sourcing (including customer instructed).

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Store Order Settlement and Fulfillment
Enables store level fulfillment without use of POS system; eliminates need to replace legacy POS system if fulfillment tools are not offered.

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Cloud-Based Access
As a SaaS product, OMS by Jagged Peak can be deployed anywhere there is Internet service, reducing risk and lowering costs.

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Ordering for Omnichannel

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