The New Customer Journey: A Convergence of Content, Context, Channels and Commerce

Over the past decade, how businesses market and sell has undergone a profound shift. Gone are the isolated catalogs and online storefronts. In their place is the new customer journey driven by young, savvy and sophisticated shoppers that thirst for an experience. Customers expect brands to deliver unforgettable experiences with immersive, content-rich stories that blend, rather than silo, content driven commerce.

In this Age of the Customer, there are a number of forces working to influence how marketers approach this customer journey and how quickly they implement an experience driven commerce strategy. In this revealing ebook series, we explore these influences and the powerful benefits for brands that fully embrace experience-driven commerce.

What you'll learn:

  • What exactly, is experience-driven commerce and why are your customers clamoring for it?
  • Why you can’t afford to ignore the fundamental trends powering the new customer journey
  • The 5 ways experience-driven commerce will significantly impact your company
  • Is it right for you? How to know if your company is ready