Leading industry research firm, Gartner Inc., recognized API-based commerce platforms as the next-gen category of commerce evolution. But not all APIs are equal. In commerce where delivering contextual and consistent customer experiences across multiple touchpoints at scale is top priority, which API is the best fit for your unique business needs?

Hypermedia API allows companies to surface commerce interactions at any touchpoint, enabling a new level of business agility. It enables a rapid addition of new customer facing applications and connected things, including mobile devices, IoT, vehicles, point of sale, social interactions, apps, Customer Service Representative applications, appliances, etc. Hypermedia API surfaces complex business rules and requirements from multiple systems in a simple unified way.

Here’s a cheat-sheet of other APIs versus Hypermedia API to help you decide.

A hypermedia ecommerce API isn’t like other APIs; some are less sophisticated and come with significant overhead. Brands using hypermedia APIs can innovate faster and deliver consistent customer experiences. How is your company handling ecommerce complexity? Learn more about hypermedia APIs in 10 Ways a Hypermedia Ecommerce API Leads to Developer Nirvana.

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