June 8th, 2020 | 3 MIN READ

Integrate Rewards and Online Shopping Cart with Sirius and Elastic Path

Written by author_profile_images Shannon Griffiths

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Sirius and Elastic Path - Reward Program Integrated to Online Shopping Cart

Customer loyalty has never been more important.  The ability to provide value beyond the purchase of a product for a customer can be key in ensuring their return to your store and brand, differentiating yourself from your competition.  The unified experience of ensuring online purchases are integrated with loyalty programs can be a large undertaking for organizations.  However, Elastic Path’s partner, Sirius, using Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, has developed a demo highlighting how quickly and easily Sirius created and deployed a rewards program within the online shopping cart. “This demo illustrates the value Elastic Path can provide for both existing e-Commerce brands, an easy approach of moving to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, plus helps new customers to see ROI faster which will in turn help them improve their brand value. The mere fact Elastic Path allowed us to partake in early access and build a POC shows the commitment of both companies to implement solutions that customers can benefit from." said Prasanna Srinivasa, Sr. Solutions Specialist at Sirius.

To set the stage, what is it about ‘Flows’ that made it an easy choice for you to focus on with this demo?

To create a Rewards Points Engine, which will help businesses target users that have frequent transactions with them. Also, this objective allows us to make full use of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud features like Flows, webhooks etc. across the entire Order, Customer, Product sub systems.

It was your first time developing on Elastic Path Commerce Cloud - how was the experience?

We enjoyed the experience-the reason being-it took us much less time and effort since it was very easy to learn and adjust. I don't think we anticipated such a low learning curve.

Do you consider Elastic Path a key partner and why?

Without question. We believe in the product. Moreover, and probably more important is whenever we have issues, the support from Elastic Path is evident. We usually get our answers very quickly and that's an amazing partnership.

Describe the top reasons why a prospect should be excited about what you were able to create and how it creates a unique value for them.

The Headless approach, where all the work done can be easily utilized by any of the front-end platforms available in the market, which allows business to have more flexibility in reaching out to different customer bases. (Web, Mobile App, Responsive UI etc.). Time & Effort, both from a Technical and Business standpoint, the time required to set up a basic store and reach out to customers is very quick. This helps business owners to see revenue generated and at the same time Technical Team to implement features quicker. This is a big advantage and differentiator with other platforms we support.


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