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With and Elastic Path, Quickly Integrate your Chatbot and Cart.

Written by author_profile_images Shannon Griffiths

Hycom Blog Social Media and Elastic Path - Revolutionizing eCommerce Together!

Elastic Path enables customers to break away from the pack with a commerce experience all their own. We deliver a unique digital experience that will unlock revenue growth.  Our partner, has created a demo, enhancing Elastic Path Commerce Cloud solution with Contentful, the agile content platform, and thus highlighting how quickly and easily a customer can bring a chatbot to life. delivers digital transformation of services and sales journeys on a day-to-day basis to achieve tangible business value and excellent customer experience. Our clients who want to build a customer-centric service and a sales application will benefit from their value-oriented process and agile delivery model.

What does this mean for customers?

The partnership between Elastic Path and is focused on transforming every customer interaction into revolutionary digital experiences, empowering brands to remain technically agile in a world of ever-evolving consumer expectations. In the example below, integrates their eCommerce chatbot Hymate with Elastic Path and Contentful, a modern content platform, to show how quickly and easily this new path to revenue can be unlocked. Learn about Hycom's experience below.

What was the reason behind looking to build a chatbot vs another mobile touchpoint?

The Hymate chatbot was a project aiming to extend the customer’s purchasing experience. Over the years, we have understood that we need to continue the dialogue with the end-customers by using many methods and channels. Especially young customers need a constant contact and dialogue. For them, omnichannel does not mean an application which is accessible in each channel. Omnichannel means a consistent and continued dialogue on transactions, with the use of all the channels.

Due to these reasons, it was natural for to use a ready solution. Check out how easy it is to integrate Hymate with Elastic Path and feed it with products.

Were there specific objectives with integrating Elastic Path with Contentful?

In the omnichannel, headless world, the ability to integrate many headless systems is key. The implementation of a strong headless commerce platform cannot take place without the use of other systems responsible for various functional aspects, such as a headless CMS (content management system). Therefore, to create a comprehensive solution, we needed a CMS where descriptions, images and other content could be managed. Contentful was selected due to its ease of integration with Elastic Path and our prior familiarity with the platform.

What was the biggest benefit of developing this demo?

We proved that in a short period of time (where time to market is a game-changer in today’s world) we could reasonably integrate Elastic Path with other products, creating an overall, holistic solution which addresses the needs of our potential customers.

Tell us why you enjoy working on the Elastic Path platform?

At, we deliver digital change of service and sales journeys to bring tangible business value and excellent customer experiences. Clients who want to build customer centric service and sales applications and omnichannel platforms, will benefit from our partnership approach, value-oriented process, experienced people and efficient, agile delivery model. Our clients’ solutions are built on robust customer service and sales platforms from industry leaders like Elastic Path. We are focused on industries such as telecommunications, media and energy sector. Our solutions serve millions of customers of top European companies like Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Fortum. 

We share Gartner’s opinion that Elastic Path is a visionary product. Thanks to Elastic Path, enriched its technology stack and product portfolio which can be offered to our customers. We believe the headless approach on which Elastic Path is built is the future of modern commerce, therefore investing time in projects with Elastic Path is also investment in the success of our customers.

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