Mobile is eating the world. Not only are mobile devices ubiquitous — there are now more mobile devices in the world than there are people — they are an essential tool in the brand marketer’s toolbox. Optimizing your customer experience and m-commerce application for all mobile devices is a business imperative. Here's a look at how Elastic Path is meeting the challenge of mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce done right. Integrate with ease.

If you're into Marketing Cloud, this commerce platform is for you.

At Elastic Path, we think mobile ecommerce solutions should be done right. Our mobile commerce software accomplishes this in 4 ways:

  1. First, Elastic Path's reference platform is capable of fully responsive HTML5. This can provide an m-commerce experience for ease of deployment with minimal customization. We also offer reference commerce applications for Android, iOS, and PhoneGap.
  2. Second, Elastic Path for Adobe® Marketing Cloud is the only ecommerce platform made exclusively for Adobe® Marketing Cloud. This means you can create amazing mobile experiences that include native ecommerce functionality on any mobile device or touchpoint.
  3. Third, for innovative brands wanting to build truly unique mobile experiences, the Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform, powered by Cortex, allows ecommerce functionality to be fronted with the mobile tools developers already know and love, such as Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, or other mobile-first frameworks. By using Cortex API, customers get a future-proof mobile ecommerce platform across all touchpoints that can adapt to new mcommerce standards as they emerge.
  4. Finally, for customers seeking “set and forget” mobile solutions, Elastic Path offers a partnership with Mobify, the world leading provider of server-side mobile optimized solutions. Mobify is used by leading Fortune 500 companies — including Starbucks, Garmin, Expedia, Toyota — and serves tens of millions of mobile users.
If you're into Marketing Cloud, this commerce platform is for you.

Reference apps now available.

Adobe Experience Manager mobile app

Adobe Experience Manager mobile app

Getting started with mobile commerce doesn't have to be complex. Elastic Path offers several mobile reference applications for free that you can use in your own projects. The Elastic Path mobile reference applications were built to showcase how easy it is to deploy mobile ecommerce capability to any device using Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform, powered by Cortex -- Elastic Path's patent-pending REST Level 3 API technology.

To get started, visit our Elastic Path Developer Site and register for a free account. Then, download the free reference application.

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Speedier development. The world's best hypermedia API.

Cortex hypermedia API

You can tell a lot about a mobile commerce platform platform by its API. At Elastic Path, we believe that the API lies at the heart of mobile commerce. The API is how businesses will surface m-commerce functionality from inside great digital experiences to all types of devices.

Elastic Path is an API-centric ecommerce company, which means we have the world’s most advanced integration platform and API, Cortex. Here’s how an API can give you a strategic advantage when building mobile apps:

  • Elastic Path Cortex allows enterprises to bind resources from other business platforms into a unified API. In a recent commissioned study, Forrester Consulting found that a unified API is the key to future-proofing your mobile commerce application.
  • Elastic Path Cortex is the industry’s only API to conform rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint of REST Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model. If you’re not a mobile developer, that simply means our API is hands down the best in the industry. It allows you to deliver mobile commerce apps that are scalable, secure and future proof.
  • With Elastic Path Cortex, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it. Cortex eliminates the need for designers and developers to have knowledge of your backend enterprise systems.

Here’s what one well-known industry expert had to say about Elastic Path’s approach to API commerce technology:

Cortex hypermedia API
Kin Lane, mobile commerce expert

"I have seen the future of REST... They really deliver a sexy API."

— Kin Lane, noted expert on API technology and editor of API Evangelist.

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