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Amplience dramatically simplifies how clients plan, create, manage, and deliver content with our modern API-first headless solution. Amplience offers customers both dynamic media and CMS solutions.

Amplience Dynamic Media makes it easy for e-commerce and marketing users to deliver rich, engaging product and promotional media to all channels.

Dynamic Media gives you control over your visual digital content, such as product images and videos as well as promotional content like dynamic banners, lookbooks, and lifestyle videos. The solution provides powerful automated image and video management workflows, Dynamic Imaging and Video Transcoding capabilities, metadata, viewer configuration, reporting, and analytics.

Amplience Dynamic Content is a content management, production, and delivery solution designed for businesses that wish to drive engagement and conversion through powerful, visual storytelling at brand, category and product level.

Dynamic Content enables teams to create, preview and publish to content assets in a simple to use, modern user interface like no other CMS. Comprehensive localization and multi-site support mean all your content can be managed in one place. Content published can easily be reused across your commerce sites and other channels such as mobile apps and emails, thanks to the Create Once, Publish Everywhere workflow. Mapping of custom fields and library folders allows blogs and advanced content asset use cases to be achieved.

Open source accelerators provide a starting point for the most commonly used content types such as banner, shoppable video and blog.


• Dynamically render any image variant on demand from a single master asset.
• Transcode video for all devices, mobile operating systems, and screen resolutions.
• Text-to-image and monogramming support via SVG.


• A unified platform for all content and media asset to support collaboration, automation and optimization.
• A truly headless CMS to create, schedule, and plan content to be presented in Elastic Path Commerce and your other experience channels.  Text-to-image and monogramming support via SVG.
• API-first integration platform that integrates with all versions of Elastic Path