Magento Migration: Elastic Path has you covered

Growing brands choose Elastic Path for its flexibility and speed to deliver unique commerce experiences.


Making the decision to upgrade your eCommerce platform can be a difficult one. Whether that means re-platforming to a new version like Magento or switching to a new solution, you need to consider the implications on your business in both the present and the future. With the eCommerce market becoming more saturated each day, it is imperative that you set yourself apart from your competitors with unique commerce experiences and ensure that you are able to adapt a demanding market quickly.

At Elastic Path our Composable Commerce as-a-service focuses 3 main components to guarantee your success and accelerated growth:

  • Speed: Our simple yet powerful APIs accelerate your time to market and supports our Magento Migration team of experts, to achieve successful migration in as little as 35 days.
  • Composability: Our API-first headless commerce service enables you to seamlessly compose unified commerce experiences without the complexity of stitching together endless services.
  • Customizability: Our open and extensible architecture provides you with the complete creative freedom to customize commerce experiences and cater to customer expectations at speed.

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