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Certifications show you are committed to mastering your knowledge and validate your skills. In today’s highly competitive world, they matter. With Elastic Paths certification programs, earn credentials that are more than a piece of paper and increase your market value - all for FREE!


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Certifications are not just for people in technical roles! We’ve got a certification program for everyone, focused on validating the skills and knowledge required for typical tasks a given role performs. Earning a certificate means we have validated you can take the knowledge gained and apply it to real life scenarios. Each program is different focusing the content, delivery methods and certification activity best suited to this role and validation. 

Elastic Path Graduate Badge

Our level one, or graduate, badges indicate the completion of a course and the associated exercises to validate learning. There are foundational courses such as Commerce Manager and there are advanced courses such as Composable Commerce Architecture.


Elastic Path Specialist Badge

Our level two, or specialist, badges indicate the completion of a series of courses and completion of the practical exercises to earn this designation. Becoming a specialist indicates the learner has a deep understanding of the topic. We offer specialist badging for Elastic Path developers, solution architects and data administrators.

Elastic Path Specialist Badge

Our level three, or certified, badges showcase your expertise in a subject area and that you have met our qualifications for certification. You have completed a learning program or projects related to this area of expertise followed by an evaluation to test your knowledge.