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Expertise in media and publishing

Successful media CEOs of the future must start planning digital monetization strategies now. They need to prepare their company’s technology and business infrastructure for a world where consumers are in charge of creating the content bundles they want. Elastic Path Commerce provides the most advanced bundling and content subscription capabilities in the industry.

Elastic Path has deep roots in the media and publishing industry, with partners and customers that include some of the biggest and most successful content companies in the world, such as Time Inc. We’ve helped companies face down the threat of digital disruption, and thrive in the digital subscription economy.

How Elastic Path works for media and publishing

Elastic Path Commerce empowers media companies with the monetization tools they need to immediately generate recurring revenue using subscriptions, passes, licenses, and individual purchases.

As connected devices become pervasive, and audiences more discriminating about what, when, and how they pay for content, Elastic Path solutions empower you to respond quickly with selling strategies that generate sustainable, recurring revenue.

The Textbook of the Future

Students prefer learning on their tablets instead of being tethered to a PC or traditional textbook. Publishers want to monetize their valuable content. The Textbook of the Future combines dynamically-generated text, graphics, video, and interactive content to create an engaging multi-media learning tool. Cortex natively monetizes the content in the context of the student’s learning experience by embedding discounts, promotions and bundles in the chapters and extended learning material.

Monetize your content anywhere

Customer lifetime value (CLV) increases dramatically when audiences are presented with compelling, consistent offers as part of their viewing or reading experience.

Monetize your content natively

The flexible billing, subscription, and commerce delivery features of Elastic Path empower publishers and media companies to generate revenue from their digital experiences in the unique ways that are most effective for each specific device, content type, or customer touchpoint.

Generate recurring revenue now

You have the content consumers want. With Commerce Engine, you can deploy a subscription, micropayment, freemium, or consumption-based usage model that works for your business, quickly and cost effectively.

Build your digital empire

Sell everywhere that your customers congregate. Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform, powered by Cortex, is groundbreaking software that unites capabilities from all your business platforms into a single API. One interface brings the combined might of your entire ecosystem – CMS, CRM, and ecommerce – directly to websites, mobile apps, and social feeds for the ultimate customer experience. It’s so effective that our customers bring digital experiences to market in weeks, not months. Cortex is the world’s most powerful API for building your digital empire.

Improve your customer experience

Use dynamic bundling, pricing, personalization, and offer management to vastly improve the way that audiences interact with your catalog, and see better conversion rates, higher order values, and improved retention.

Enterprise scalability

Elastic Path Commerce has been battle-tested by some of the world’s most demanding customers, effortlessly handling thousands of transactions per hour. Every year, we generate billions in digital revenue for our clients.

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