Expertise in Travel, Loyalty & Consumer Services

Elastic Path solutions are legendary for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, and prove themselves every day in diverse and specialized consumer fields including travel, loyalty, and online services. Our products and expertise help these companies monetize their offerings more effectively, create new sources of recurring revenue, and reduce the operational costs of running a unique, differentiated enterprise.

How Elastic Path works for Travel, Loyalty & Consumer Services

Elastic Path Commerce gives direct-to-consumer businesses the commerce capabilities they need to merchandise, monetize, and generate revenue from highly specialized digital products and services, while retaining a low overall cost of ownership.

Unlike platforms designed specifically for retail, or SaaS solutions that put you in the same box as everyone else, Elastic Path Commerce empowers you to merchandise, monetize, and generate revenue with the touchpoints and use cases that matter to you, not some generic retailer.

Digital product information management

Effective digital commerce requires an enhanced catalog that can model attributes and characteristics unique to digital goods and content, while maintaining excellent compatibility with external PIM and DAM systems.

Build your digital empire

We power digital experiences with Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform, powered by Cortex, patent-pending software that unites capabilities from all your business platforms into a single API. One interface brings the combined might of your entire ecosystem – CMS, CRM, and ecommerce – directly to your websites, mobile apps, and social feeds for the ultimate customer experience. Cortex is the world’s most powerful API for building your digital empire.

Dynamic offer and content management

Business moves fast. You need to respond quickly and aggressively to market demands in order to stay competitive. Elastic Path Commerce features on-the-fly merchandising capability such as content personalization, recommendations, promotions, and dynamic content. Even pricing can be made dynamic based on your unique customer profiles.

Generate recurring revenue

Sell subscription-based products or services easily while managing the entire customer lifecycle. Subscriptions by Aria handles everything from billing, activation, customer care, and analytics. Because it’s cloud-based, Subscriptions will lower your total-cost-of-ownership.

Flexible order capture and checkout

Almost 70% of customers will abandon the checkout process while shopping in digital channels. With Elastic Path Commerce, you can improve conversion rates and tailor authentication, order capture, and payment flows to meet your unique business requirements.

Enterprise scalability

Elastic Path Commerce has been battle-tested by some of the world’s most demanding customers, effortlessly handling thousands of transactions per hour. Every year, we generate billions in digital revenue for our clients.

Superior integration

Lower your total cost of ownership with an ecommerce solution that makes it easier to integrate with existing CMS and other business support applications.

AVIS - Elastic Path Ecommerce Software Enterprise Case Study

"Our marketing team wanted ultimate flexibility to drive our ecommerce initiatives with fast time to market. Our IT team wanted full control of the data with little disruption to the existing infrastructure. Elastic Path provided us with a flexible ecommerce platform for rapid customization, easy integration, and internal control."

– John Peebles, vice president online marketing at Avis

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