Expertise in brands & manufacturers

Elastic Path powers the ecommerce platforms of more than 200 global enterprise customers, including some of the world’s biggest brands.

How Elastic Path works for brands & manufacturers

The Elastic Path ecommerce platform allows brands, retailers, and branded manufacturers to leverage digital experiences and digital storytelling to forge strong emotional connections between brands and consumers that generate value.

Our software seamlessly adds omnichannel ecommerce, subscriptions, dynamic pricing, and advanced personalization to digital engagement platforms from Adobe®, OpenText®, and others – enabling brands to deliver a complete customer experience that maximizes engagement and conversion.


Customers are shopping everywhere — at home, on the subway, or while standing in line. To the retailer, these represent separate channels that must be managed, often by different departments. But customers don’t see "channels" — they only see your brand. This makes having an omnichannel strategy more important than ever.

Elastic Path’s platform offers exceptionally strong omnichannel features, such as persistent shopping carts, flexible inventory management and fulfillment, a single view of the customer, and a unified API platform, called Cortex, that brings all of your backend services together to create one single focal point.

Made exclusively for Adobe® Marketing Cloud

Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud is the only ecommerce solution made exclusively for Adobe Marketing Cloud.Customers experience your brand through the impact and creativity of the digital moments you create with Adobe® Marketing Cloud. Elastic Path makes them better by empowering you to transact in every one.

Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud is the only ecommerce solution made exclusively for Adobe® Marketing Cloud. Dozens of enterprise-grade transactional features — including catalog management, merchandising, pricing, and promotions — are added directly to the Sidekick in Adobe® Experience Manager, giving you unparalleled control over the layout, testing, and administration of commerce-enabled customer flows.

And because Elastic Path is an integral part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, ecommerce functionality such as pricing, promotions, and ordering is automatically made available to all Adobe Marketing Cloud products, including Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Social.


Marketers want to create compelling digital experiences that make the most of every customer interaction. Often, this is in the form of a digital lookbook or immersive tablet app. Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud allows lookbooks to come to life through a mix of interactive content and seamless ecommerce functionality.

Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager allows lookbooks to come to life through a mix of interactive content and seamless ecommerce functionality.

Agency partnership

Supplementing our core expertise in ecommerce, Elastic Path has partnered with world-renowned digital marketing agency MRM//McCann. This partnership gives our clients access to a unique team of digital craftspeople who create innovative brand experiences for today’s digitally-empowered consumer.

In-store experiences

Brands with a physical retail presence, either through their own corporate store or store-within-a-store concepts at retailers, are beginning to experiment with contextual, personalized notifications that enhance the shopping experience. Location-aware technologies, such as Bluetooth LE and Apple’s iBeacon implementation, are fast making these micro-location experiences a reality.

Elastic Path’s ecommerce platform is based on the industry’s most flexible open source technologies, making it an ideal way to leverage location-based digital experiences based on iBeacon technology.

Advanced personalization

Understanding your customers better can drive sales, loyalty, and recommendations by giving them what they want, when and where they want it. Personalization and dynamic offers with the Elastic Path Commerce software allows you to respond quickly and aggressively to market demands.


Brands can use the capabilities of our cloud-based Subscriptions service to create and grow predictable revenue streams for all recurring revenue models while lowering your total-cost-of-ownership.