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Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

Acoustic Content

Acoustic Content Plugin - formerly IBM Watson Content Hub


Acoustic Content, formerly IBM Watson Content Hub is a cloud-based content management system that provides your business the ability to create, store, and retrieve content for your business needs in an effortless way. Watson automatically analyzes images and provides tag suggestions to help make your process easier. You can retrieve the content from the hub by using the APIs to publish them in various media. You can publish the content through the various channels by selecting only parts of the content that is required for each channel. For example, a graduation promotional content can be published on a website with multiple images, text and video. The same graduation promotional content can be emailed to subscribed customers with just an email text and an image.


• Access to Shutterstock’s creative content
• Integration with marketing tools
• Rich REST APIs
• Omnichannel delivery
• User-friendly, intuitive UI
• Cognitive tagging
• Web application hosting
• Continuous feature updates


Build with ease - Build a rich content model and update images and text more easily and quickly. Automatic image profiles adapt your images for every usage.

Manage with AI - Save time by using AI to augment your content metadata with thousands of pre-trained tags. It is easier than ever to find what you need.

Flexible delivery - Leverage Content Hub's integrated, zero-configuration CDN — lets you scale to integrate content and content management functions wherever needed with REST APIs.

Seamless collaboration - Collaborate across all teams with a single repository to deliver consistent brand experiences.