Pre-built extensions

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Quotation Based, Subscription

Works with:

Elastic Path Commerce

Indi Engage

Indi Engagement Cloud


Video Testimonials - Adding video testimonials to product pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Amazon launched customer video testimonials on all their product pages. The Indi Engagement Cloud allows you to do the same.

Brand Ambassador Programs - Maximize your ROI with performance-based influencer marketing. Light up your employees and customers as authentic brand ambassadors to upload videos and photos, and only pay them after they drive tracked sales.


• User Generated Video Content on Every Product Page
• Performance Based Influencers
• Customer Testimonials
• Two-way Interactive Video
• Personalized Affiliate Links Posted on Individual Social Streams
• Embed directly within your Website and Apps
• Social Contests


• Increase user engagement and time on site
• Increase conversion rates on PDP’s by up to 80%
• Outperform traditional Influencer traffic by 5x
• Outperform direct to site traffic by 4x