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Elastic Path Commerce

Facebook Messenger Chat

Building a seamless chat experience across web and mobile surfaces while maintaining context can be challenging. The customer chat plugin was built to solve that and enable you to create a single user experience regardless of communication medium.


This plugin integrates your Messenger experience directly into your website and allows you to:

  • Maintain context:
    • The plugin automatically loads recent chat history between the person and your business, meaning recent interactions with your business on, in the Messenger app, or in the customer chat plugin on your website will be visible.
  • Use Messenger Platform features on your website chat window:
    • Customers can interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.
  • Easily follow up:
    • You can continue the conversation with people even after they have left your webpage. You don’t need to capture their information to follow up, just use the same conversation in Messenger.

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