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Elastic Path Commerce

CoreMedia Content Cloud



CoreMedia empowers users to augment existing stores and create hybrid experiences that combine rich media and branded content with real-time product information and transactions. We provide out-of-box support for interactive experiences including shoppable videos, shoppable image maps, editable text on images, slideshows, 360 spinners and more. Our preview capabilities allow merchants to view the full range of customers experiences at any stage in the customer journey – on any device or channel.


• Creative Flexibility – Augment existing online stores rich media and branded content 
• Advanced DAM – Manage master files & renditions; edit & optimize images; shoppable videos and images
• Real-Time Previews – Visualize the online shopping experience on any device or customer segment
• Global Publishing – Support multi-brand, multi-region, and multi-language scenarios with ease 
• Instant Updating – Publish content at any time with near real-time capabilities, 
• Intuitive UI – browser-based access with no required plug-ins featuring drag-and-drop support


• Significantly improve customer and business user experiences
• Improved speed, agility and productivity for marketers and merchandisers
• Personalization of both content and commerce elements
• Reduce total cost of ownership and time to market without IT involvement
• Enable non-redundant reuse of content across any site, device, or app
• Unify your fragmented point solutions and reduce channel conflict

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