Headless Checkout API

Improve Conversion Rates With Custom Carts & Checkout at Elastic Path

Your eCommerce shopping cart and headless checkout experience can easily determine whether or not a customer converts and buys your product or service. To ensure that your customers continue to feel connected up until the end of checkout, it is imperative that you not only pay attention to your products but also to your customers’ shopping journey.

Explore how you can leverage Carts and Checkout with Elastic Path to ensure every sale is seamless, guaranteed and secure.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

With a personalized cart and seamless checkout experience you will ensure your customers remain engaged and convert more.

Streamline Your Omnichannel Experience

Allow for your customers to leave one device and complete their checkout on as many devices they desire.

Offer a Variety of Payment Methods

Make checkout that much easier by providing a plethora of payment gateways for your customers to choose from.



Explore Promotions in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud


Bulk Orders allow buyers and shoppers to either upload an existing list of products, from an excel sheet for example, or from a SKU list so as to minimize the time a user spends adding items. This feature eliminates the need to individually select and manually add each desired item, thus allowing customers to focus on their next task sooner.

Quick Orders allow your customers to quickly add items to cart without the need to search for products via: Manual Add, Copy/Paste Add and Barcode Add. This feature also significantly reduces shopping time and enhances the shopping experience.


Cart Expiry allows your customers and shoppers to better manage their multiple carts and orders by providing a specific cart expiry date for each. This feature helps with eliminating confusion with orders and building trust with your customers.

Multiple Carts provide buyers and shoppers with the ability to create and save multiple carts. This feature empowers your brand to run multiple parallel purchases at once and align purchasing with internal departments so expensing and attribution are seamless.


Cart Persistence allows a customer’s cart to be stored as a user moves across devices. This feature eliminates the need for customers to start their purchase over when they make a switch from one device to the other.


Cart Enhancements For Streamlining Complex B2B Online Purchases

B2B purchases can oftentimes be complex, as customers are looking for advance requirements such as making purchases from multiple departments, and ordering large quantities of items. This article outlines the newest cart updates that will elevate your B2B purchasing cycles.

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